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David Prior MBA, ACL, FBAA, Managing Director David is the founder and Managing Director of Priority Funding Corporation. His tenacity and 'can-do' attitude have been the driving force behind the development and success of Priority Funding Corporation. David commenced as a Finance Broker in the early 1990's. Within a few short years, David gained invaluable knowledge and experience, working in major finance companies before deciding to commence his own Finance Brokerage operation, Computer Technology Finance. David had a future plan to implement a finance company, and Priority Funding Corporation is the fruition of this plan. David has completed a Master’s in Business Administration with the University of Southern Queensland. He has over 20 years’ experience in the finance industry, and in the management of Priority Funding Corporation. David will be responsible for the implementation of the expansion strategies that he has developed for the Company and will continue to be primarily responsible for supervision of the Company's operations. David is married with 2 children.

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